Our Services for the Client
embarking on a major building project

Prior to the tender process, we:
Review all Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) design consultants’ drawings and specifications to:

1. Ensure they meet the client brief and have no ‘gaps’ in them. We want to make sure that everything is included in the tender package from the outset. This helps give greater cost certainty and a level playing field from which to compare rival bids. It also helps avoid future claims from subcontractors that filling the gaps has led to ‘additional’ works with cost and programme implications.

2. Establish if there are any value engineering items that could be implemented to reduce costs prior to documents being released for tender.

During the tender process:

3. We ensure that any questions from sub contractors and the design team’s responses are reviewed by client to make sure that they are in line with client requirements.

4. Invariably, the specification or drawings evolve and change whilst the package is out to tender. We get this revised information out to the ‘bidders’ so that it can be costed at the outset. This means that there are no surprises later on and more importantly that the client gets the best price for these amendments.

Once the M&E tender returns are in, we review the tender returns to:

5. Ensure that the bids are fully compliant and where they are lacking, ask the subcontractor to make the necessary amendments.

6. We question any exclusions in the bids to ensure that these exclusions will not affect the client with regard to performance, cost or program. We work to remove any adverse exclusions prior to placing any order when the client’s bargaining position is at its strongest.

7. In drawing up a shortlist/ comparison of the rival bids for the client, we make sure that the subcontractors have understood fully what is required of them and have priced accordingly.

8. We assist the client in selecting a sub contractor by advising on the rival bidders’ approach and performance on previous projects. If they are unknown, we will take up references and make enquiries to give the client the best possible base for comparison.

Once works commence, we:

9. Review the subcontractors drawings to ensure that they comply with the specifications.

10. Assist with any client changes to minimise cost and programme implications.

11. Carry out a programme of regular site visits to ensure a high standard of workmanship and that any items of snagging are implemented early. This is done in conjunction with the design team to ensure a co-ordinated response.

12. Conduct a programme of M&E technical meetings with sub-contractors and the design team if required, to ensure that progress is maintained and any issues are resolved with the client’s best interests in mind.

13. Monitor the M&E program and offer comments on the builders’ progress reports so that any shortfalls are addressed and recorded along the way.

14. When it comes to commissioning, we ensure that the services are ready, that a realistic programme is issued and that it is witnessed as appropriate. We make sure that any defects are rectified before the systems are accepted on behalf of the client.

15. Make sure that the M&E Operation & Maintenance manuals are issued and checked prior to handover, and that any outstanding certificates are added to these manuals prior to Practical Completion (PC) and in readiness for client training.

16. Attend client training sessions as required to ensure they are sufficient and that the client fully understands how to operate the entire M&E installation effectively.

17. Assist the client (if required) in securing maintenance contracts to ensure that the system is correctly maintained post PC.

18. If any issues crop up post practical completion, we are still around to make sure that these are rectified as required by the builder or sub contractor on behalf of the client.

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