What we do

We do not design the project and we do not install it. On behalf of the client embarking on the project (“the client”) or the builder, we take control of the mechanical and electrical (M&E) elements of a project to bridge the gap of expertise between the designers and the lay client or builder. Whether we act for the client or the builder, our aim is the same; to co-ordinate the various parties to deliver the mechanical and electrical installation that the end user needs and to help them understand how, post contract, they should maintain and run the equipment effectively.

The benefit of this to the client is clear. Whilst they have employed a designer, they are not usually equipped to check that the design meets their needs or even that the design is complete. By highlighting and ironing out issues early on, we are able to ensure greater cost and programme certainty as well as delivering a building which performs as necessary. Clients often find that their needs and wishes evolve as the project progresses. We are able to intervene at an early stage to make any changes as cost effective as possible. Please see 'Services for the Client' for further details on how we achieve this.

We are instructed by builders because they accept that whilst specialists in construction they are often at sea when it comes to cutting edge services such as auditorium audio-visual (AV) and performance lighting, swimming pool plant, theatre lighting and education science blocks. As such, they are highly M&E dependent and vulnerable to their sub contractors. In an increasingly technical world, many builders need a specialist voice so that they can deal with the design team and their sub-contractors on an equal footing. A great number of projects flounder when it comes to the services installation and the vast majority of bill disputes centre on these issues. We prevent costly disputes with the design team and sub-contractors and so ease the agreement of final accounts as well as ensuring a reliable reputation in the industry with regard to the M&E aspects and the flow of client referrals for future projects. Please see 'Services for the Builder' for further details on how we achieve this.

Architects who have worked with us on previous projects frequently stipulate that we are to be employed by the builder as a condition of winning the contract. This is a clear testimony to our involvement and contribution to providing the building the client wants.

Sustainable energy - One of our strengths is incorporating cutting edge sustainable energy solutions. This includes compliance with and improving on BREEAM ratings as required by individual projects. We oversee the installation of ground-source heat pumps (GSHP), photovoltaics, rain water harvesting, solar panels, wind energy, passive ventilation, CHP and bore hole cooling. We have co-ordinated as part of a design and build package, Europe’s first rock store – a compressed subterranean labyrinth filled with rocks providing sustainable, relatively cheap ventilation and cooling to the building. More information here.

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